Concert at Hame medieval faire

Here’s one of our songs – Totentanz, played at Hame medieval faire 2013.
We had a lot of fun staying in Finland. As always big thanks to the audience.
And thanks to Marko for the video.

Midsummer Holidays

By the way guys. Best wishes on midsummer holidays!
In different countries this celebration has different name. But we all know what it’s about
Enjoy the celebration with our party mix.

Kilkim Žaibu 14

kilkim zaibu blogpic

It's 6 am, 220 of 440 total kilometers behind and we're home at last. It's a great urge to write about our little travel right now while senses are still tingling.

There is a slight feeling of sadness due to the fact that we had to leave the action almost immediately after the show, but deeds are still to be done.

There is a chance of repeating it, but the organization, reception and the audience were really great. To Hell with it, the concerts in Lithuania are really different. If anyone of those who were near the scene at the time of our perforamnce are reading this, we want to thank you for your support. You were JUST AWESOME.

It is an indescribable feeling of standing on the stage, when almost every action immediately recieves feedback of the crowd. We've acquired an emotional charge, which will surely last for at least a week if not a month.

The ending of our show was, as the least we can say, unusual. Apparently, the energy around this place was so high that the the power has gone off on our last track... we had played the finishing part in acoustic. Surely a feat to remember.

We're unsure how many people were on our show but we were pleased to play for every and each one of you. Your support level was over 9000!

It was a memorable event with a standout reception and we're looking forward for opportunity to perform at Kilkim Zaibu next year.

Season 2013 in details

Let’s have a talk bit about the upcoming concerts. Immediately after Kilkim Zaibu 14 we will have a trip to Pärnu. If I remember correctly, our concert in this wonderful Estonian town will be the fourth in a row. This year we will spend as much as two days in Pärnu, and for me it is not only an opportunity to show ourselves in front of the Estonian public, but also a great chance to relax in the fresh air.

In July, we will have another trip to Lithuania for the Festival in Kupiskis. Another opportunity to play in front of the Lithuanian amazingly responsive audience.

The far – the better. In August, we are preparing for our first trip to Finland. None of the members of the band was in this northern country, and perhaps it is just the time to praise our profession for the opportunity to travel the world.

And now, for the most exciting and responsible journey that destiny has prepared us in September. As it was difficult at first to believe, but we were invited to the Festival-Mediaval in Selb, Germany. A trip to the capital of modern medieval music promises to be very colorful. We will carry out this journey for more than a week, crossing the half of the Baltic Sea by ferry on the ride to the north of Germany. And of course we’ll behold and take part in one of the largest European medieval festival.

Until next time, and we’re off to pack the bags.

The beginning of summer season 2013

The new season has begun and we’ve already played a few gigs. First of them was in Kaunas, one of our most beloved cities. All was going quite well and we’ve expected to see a lot of people at the concert, but unfortunately, our plans were ruined by the weather.

Regardless of rain, we’ve played two sets, as planned and received very positive feedback from wonderfully cheerful Lithuanian public. People had stopped to listen, dance and applaud despite the stormy weather…

Whole summer of festivals and concerts awaits but meanwhile we desperately waiting for the Kilkim Zaibu 14th festival, where we will play for a second year in a row.

Looking forward to meet you, friends!