Cesis, Latvia

Nice Saturday morning in Cesis, Latvia. One of the most perfect trees in terms of acoustics in whole country. Medieval atmosphere of beautiful, impressive and important to us – Wenden Castle, which is not really visible on this picture, but it’s there.

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Saulies Festivalis and Karo Zirgas

So we just recovered from our big trip to Sibiu and now we are preparing to play some fine pieces of medieval metal little bit closer to our homeland. In September we’re planing two visits to Lithuania and one gig in Riga. At first event which already became annual for us “Saulies Festivalis” on September 13th, we’ll are glad for the opportunity to play there again. Then comes “Karo Zirgas” September 20th, looking forward for that one!

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Vote for favorite song of “Primus Inter Pares”

Hey guys!

The summer season is over, we have sold bunch of CD’s and we decided to do a little vote.

So, what do you think, which song from our 1st CD is the best?

You can write the answers in the comments below.

Your opinion matters. We’ll check all the votes and try to make adjustments to our second CD.

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We’ve worked on our Primus Inter Pares for almost a year and while making it we’ve made a lot of notes for ourselves. So now we’ll try to avoid all the mistakes we have done in production of the debut CD. The first step is to collect some replies from you guys. We’ll be glad to hear your opinion.

Some thoughts about last events

So, finally we have a minute of free time to write down something. And there is something to write about, because in a month passed, we had to give a concert in three European countries, and were passing… well, let us count… six countries (one of them – the Czech Republic, which we’ve visited by what you would have called a pure chance in search of a gas station in Selb), bringing total to nine.

Each one of the three festivals we had a chance to spend three days of our lives in, have pleased us very much: the audience responded well, the organization was flawless. And each of the three has had something special: Finland showed some spectacular views, Germany – precise organization with the attention to all of the smallest details, and in addition to everything in Germany, we had the opportunity to listen to bands like Corvus Corax, Omnia, Berlinski Beat, Faun and many others. Romania… there was something about this trip that has to be treated separately.

It was the longest journey in the history of our band, in which we spent two days driving in each direction.

Upon arrival, we were treated with a superb reception.
Public reaction is of an exceptional notice, because nobody had known literally anything about us, as it was our first visit to Romania and our countries are separated by vast distances. But the audience has reacted very well and, as Martin said in the interview – it was a balsam for the hearth of the musician.

Reception of the organizers has been quite excellent, they have shown us the spectacular looks of nearby nature’s and man-built glory, helped us to settle with all sorts of little things. In other words, they did everything possible for us to feel comfortable. It’s a big thank you, guys!

In conclusion, we’ve wanted to say thank you to all of the organizers, thank you to everyone who has come to listen to us and to all who had supported us!

And one more thing, maybe someone of you will want to know more about what a country Romania is. The fact is, Finland and Germany are pretty well heard of, but Romania is the country mostly left out of proper attention of the inhabitants of Europe. It’s great that we had the opportunity to visit it and, as you have understood from the words above, we were delighted. If you are interested in learning more, here is the link: www.turism.sibiu.ro/index_en.php

Summer Tour 2013


And to ease up your task, here are all the links:

HÄME MEDIEVAL FAIRE: www.keskiaikamarkkinat.net
MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL SIBIU: www.cetatitransilvane.eu
FESTIVAL-MEDIAVAL VI: www.festival-mediaval.com