Year 2007, august 8th, is bands original date of foundation. After many practice sessions and changes in bands formation, we finally formed in what you can see today.

Band members met travelling to various medieval themed events. We all desired to reconstruct a medieval atmosphere that comes with medieval music and sound of musical instruments of that time, that allows the listener to feel the full nature of this shadowy, medieval world and leads the audience with musicians, back in time, on the days when men were brave knights, women – beautiful princess and the earth was still flat.

Band uses the loudest bagpipes, rauschpfeifs, string instruments and various drums. Obscurus Orbis is also the only group in Latvia, which uses hurdy-gurdy. We have performed at the Hanseatic Day’s in Pärnu and Kaunas (Estonia and Lithuania), Festival-mediaval (Germany), medieval festivals in Norway and many other events in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Romania.

Lord Mortis

Veina Marquis Dea