Season 2013 in details

Let’s have a talk bit about the upcoming concerts. Immediately after Kilkim Zaibu 14 we will have a trip to Pärnu. If I remember correctly, our concert in this wonderful Estonian town will be the fourth in a row. This year we will spend as much as two days in Pärnu, and for me it is not only an opportunity to show ourselves in front of the Estonian public, but also a great chance to relax in the fresh air.

In July, we will have another trip to Lithuania for the Festival in Kupiskis. Another opportunity to play in front of the Lithuanian amazingly responsive audience.

The far – the better. In August, we are preparing for our first trip to Finland. None of the members of the band was in this northern country, and perhaps it is just the time to praise our profession for the opportunity to travel the world.

And now, for the most exciting and responsible journey that destiny has prepared us in September. As it was difficult at first to believe, but we were invited to the Festival-Mediaval in Selb, Germany. A trip to the capital of modern medieval music promises to be very colorful. We will carry out this journey for more than a week, crossing the half of the Baltic Sea by ferry on the ride to the north of Germany. And of course we’ll behold and take part in one of the largest European medieval festival.

Until next time, and we’re off to pack the bags.

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