Behold! Our first official music video on one of the songs from our recently released album – Secundum Artem.


This has truly been a good year and this video is one of the new things we have done, and definitely something that we would like to share with the world.
If you have enjoyed this finest piece of medieval metal, go ahead, like and share, if you have something to tell – don’t be shy and leave a comment.

We’ve chosen this particular tune because first of all it’s upbeat and has a big variety of instruments: several different bagpipes, pipes, flute, hurdy-gurdy and of course our regulars – guitar and drums. The tune is very particular to our band’s style, we’ve tried to make it as medieval metal as possible.
Big shout out to the guys from Rocknfilms for directing this project and putting in together. Thanks for all the support.
Stay medieval!

Our 2nd CD – Secundum Artem

As you already might know we’ve released our new CD this summer.

Secundum Artem includes songs from different parts of Europe dated from 13th century till 19th century.

The album differs from the previous one and in our opinion has more metal sound. As previously mentioned it includes one relatively new song (19th century) which is Latvian folk song – Div’ dūjiņas. The song was recorded featuring Edgars “Zirgs” Grabovskis (from Skyforger) and has some special meaning for us.

If you are interested in getting a copy contact us on our Facebook page directly: www.facebook.com/obscurusorbis
Or via email: obscurus.orbis@gmail.com

P.S.: Digital version of the album coming soon.


Zobens Un Lemess

Zobens Un Lemess

It is our first update on this summer’s schedule. We are going to take part in International Folk / Pagan / Metal music and ancient crafts festival.
Some nice views of Latvian nature, some good music in different styles, so it will satisfy almost all tastes, and a possibility to learn some more about our history in general.

It is going to take place near “Saukas” lake, almost untouched place, quite far away from all big cities and roads. We are really looking forward for this event.


Upcoming Album Track Preview

You may or may not know that, but we have been working on our new album for a while already.

There are some reasons why it takes us so long to release it, but we know we are on the right way. Lots of rehearsals and recording sessions are behind, some still to come.

Here’s a little preview of a track from that album with a video from one of those rehearsals. It is demo version, so there’s still a lot of work to be done. We just wanted to share it with you, so you could have an idea what’s going on.


One of the gigs of 2014

One of the gigs of 2014.

This is one of the biggest performances we’ve ever done. It’s an unforgettable feeling when you get on the stage in front of such a huge audience, nervous at first, but then you relax and get on the same wave with the crowd.

Great work of photographer who managed to capture the atmosphere of this massive event.


Festivalul Medieval “Cetăți Transilvane” 2014, Sibiu, Romania.

Our experience of the season 2014

We’d like to share our experience of the season 2014.

We’ve played probably our last open air concert in the beginning of the October and well, with that our season practically is over. Surely we’ll play couple more gigs till the end of the year, but the biggest part of it is over.

We’ve had more events this year comparing to the last season and we’re glad that each year we have an opportunity to perform in new places. Also we’ve tried to improve some aspects of our show and try something completely new for ourselves like cover song contest in Kaunas, which was pretty cool. We have to mention some other events too, like Kilkim Žaibu – great ambience and support despite the cold weather. Then Parnu, it’s unbelievable, but it was our 5th year there in the row. All the people in Finland that remembered us from our last years visit and supported us. Incredible and unforgettable moments on stage in Romania.

The main thing we wanted to say here is that every event was special for us, thank YOU a lot for that. In all the events we’ve visited, in all countries, people were very welcoming and we are pleased with that. By the way we have to mention that our FaceBook army is growing and now there are more than 1200 of us.

Once again thank you all for the support!

Obscurus Orbis – Greensleeves

We decided to do something new this time. So to celebrate winter holidays we’ve chosen different instruments and a well known song.

It’s been a good year with a lot of good memories, well, let’s try to make the next year even better.